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To make sure your website is a driving force behind the success of your business, Firespring offers frequent webinars on a variety of topics. From the basics of using your Springboard to email marketing best practices, we've got you covered. What's more, these classes are offered as a part of your monthly subscription fee at no additional cost.

Springboard 101: Customize and Manage Your Website

You have the ability to update your website 24/7, but do you know how to do this effectively? Quickly learn how to customize and manage your website using the Springboard. From updating content, images, forms and collections to changing page and section names or news articles, this session will teach you how to operate your site.

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Springboard 102: Make the Most of Your Online Tools

Get a detailed overview of the Springboard’s Message Center where you can view, search and sort all communication that comes through your website. Also learn how online proofing and file transfer tools could save you hundreds of dollars per week. Plus, discover key website analytics and important metrics that could impact the way you structure your site.

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Springboard 103: Create Portals & Catalogs

Did you know online ordering can increase your revenue by up to 40%? This session provides an overview of what customers experience in your website’s customer portals. You’ll learn how to build a user-friendly portal, customize it to each customer's needs then build a catalog of items that can be ordered through the portal. You’ll also learn how to manage users and permissions.

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Best Practices: Grow Revenue with Catalogs

Learn from others who have taken online ordering to the next level! You’ll get a peek at some top performers’ customer storefronts, then learn how to create your own catalog items that will get results. Plus, get tips on how to grow revenue by using vertical markets to gain new customers.

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Nuts & Bolts: Intro to Email Marketing

Learn the basics about Firespring’s email marketing system. This session will cover how to build and manage audience lists, create eye-catching HTML email campaigns and measure response.

  • Nuts and Bolts: Intro to Email Marketing

    Tuesday, October 29, 2019 10:00 am CDT - 11:00 am CDT
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Best Practices: Advanced Email Marketing

This is your next step toward email marketing success. Now that you’ve learned the basics about Firespring Email Marketing, discover advanced best practices in targeting email groups, creating campaigns that get read and making the best use of response reporting.

  • Best Practices: Advanced Email Marketing

    Tuesday, October 29, 2019 2:00 pm CDT - 3:00 pm CDT
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Intro to VersaDoc™

Discover the power of variable documents by learning how to download the print-ready files from your website, prepare and submit art files for setup and a quick overview of the entire process.

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