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Option One

Option One

Reduce redos as a result of poorly read faxes. Eliminate the need to deliver a proof across town. Minimize the material and labor costs of producing a proof. All of this can be done with the powerful online proofing tool available to you on your Minuteman website.

Plus, if you upgrade to Option One you'll have full ability to modify any content and photos on the Base Product website, offering increased flexibility to truly show the uniqueness of your Minuteman Press or International Minute Press location.

If you choose Option One for your website, you'll receive the Base Product plus these other added features:

  • Online proofing tool.

  • Flexibility to modify content, photos and graphics.

  • Direct links to Minuteman Choice Vendors.

  • Blogging tools.

  • Customized "News Center" feature.

  • Add, move or rename site pages and navigation labels.

  • SEO DIY Management Tools.

  • Customizable Spotlights.

  • Online customer bill pay.

Pricing: Online Proofing setup ($750) and monthly subscription fee ($70).