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Questions? Call us. Sales: 877.447.8938 | Support: 877.447.8936

How Well Have You Done in 2012?

This past year we have discussed numerous methods of strengthening your online presence; from spotlights to mobile, analytics to social media. So? Have you done your homework? Let’s see how you stack up and if you’ve mastered the 2012 information.

1) Utilize your analytics report. Analytics can be daunting. Review the basics: number of visitors, number of actions and time spent. What search terms visitors are using and what links are funneling traffic both into and away from your website will tell you what route to take with your SEO.

2) Check your mobile view and modify if desired. Don’t overload your mobile site; users scan, not read. Keep the basics – location, phone number, directions to your company and a list of the products and services you offer. Since users are all thumbs, make sure that large, centered buttons are used.

3) Check monthly. The demo site is packed full of sales, marketing & customer retention strategies. Be sure to click on the icon holding a light bulb for pest practice tips.

4) Compare your website to competitors in your market. Are you using your features to maximize your presence? The pricing calculator, for example, will give your customers the ability to place orders online, customizing their products and see the price increase and decrease according to the options they’ve selected.

5) Integrate the Twitter feed in your springboard. This process is very simple. When you go into your Springboard to add the Content Type, you will automatically be taken to the authorization screen on Twitter. Once authorized, the Apps screen in the settings for your Twitter account will show Firespring Springboard. See? Simple.

6) Implement your unique marketing messages on all form pages. Promotions on your forms pages and be anything from a referral campaign for existing customers, to a customer feedback survey, or an invitation to opt-in for your email marketing newsletter. There are several routes you can take, all you have to do is choose.

7) Update your spotlight with seasonal campaigns. Make sure you keep your spotlights fresh, especially on your highest traffic page – your homepage. They should always have a call to action and direct to a new page on your website that’s specific to each.

8) Engage in LinkedIn monthly: Seek out new contacts like customers, personal and professional partners, and of course me! Don’t forget to utilize groups. LinkedIn is a water cooler where you can discuss anything with those across town or a thousand miles away.

9) Audit site content. On your opening day, you had a vision. Does your site reflect that vision? If your answer is no, change it. Changing your content doesn’t have to be scary. Humanize your business and liven up your staff page, have a picture of your storefront. Whatever you do, keep in mind your customer’s point of view and make it yours.

10) Optimize your top 5 pages with SEO page titles. Think – and speak – like your customers. They don’t want to find a digital printer, they want brochures. And they want it in their neighborhood so make sure you put your location. You have 66 characters to push your listing towards the top. Make it count.

So how did you do? Give yourself 10% for each one you have completed. If you scored less than 70% join me for marketing info 411 offered monthly.

And don’t forget; if you ever need to brush up on previous topics all 2012 articles are located at Head on over there, refresh your mind and at the same time you can give yourself 10% for completing number 3.