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Questions? Call us. Sales: 877.447.8938 | Support: 877.447.8936

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One of the most common questions I hear from Minuteman storeowners is, “How can I use Customer Portals to gain new clients?”

Well, glad you asked. This gives me the opportunity to point out our MarketingAdvisors, which are available to all Minuteman owners and located in your Springboard, the admin area on your website. These MarketingAdvisors are written to address the most common questions and concerns we receive and to help you realize the full potential of your website.

MarketingAdvisor Volume 3 talks specifically about how you can use Customer Portals to help you lock in key clients and encourage repeat customers. According to this particular MarketingAdvisor,

“Print buyers report that they chose to work with a certain printer because they value and appreciate the personalized service they receive. A Customer Portal is just one more way to impress your customers with your level of service. It’s much easier for a customer to do business with you once you activate their Customer Portal feature. This functions as a website within your website for specified customers to enter the secure, password-protected area to request estimates, place orders, send files, view proofs, pay invoices and order from their online Document Library.”

The MarketingAdvisor will direct you through the necessary steps to set up your sales call process. You’ll read about how to create a Customer Portal for demonstration purposes and how to access collateral materials for your sales staff to help them explain the Customer Portal system to clients.

You’ll learn how to prioritize your customer list and categorize customers into seven distinct groups. The MarketingAdvisor offers practical suggestions for creating a marketing strategy specific to each client group. Plus, it provides tips on how to use Customer Portals as a sales tool even if you do not have a dedicated outside sales effort.

“Many smaller shops do not have a dedicated outside sales effort. This should not stop you from promoting your web presence to increase customer revenues and satisfaction. As a matter of fact, this can serve as an excellent tool to build those relationships and make these customers feel as if you have assigned them a dedicated rep.”

A Customer Portals tip sheet is also available in your Springboard under MarketPresence/Collateral Materials that you can use when meeting with customers. You can use this tip sheet as a “leave behind” that can guide them through the login process to their Customer Portal area.

There are huge benefits to setting your customers up on Portals. It’s easy and convenient for your print buyers to place repeat orders. You’ll have the ability to cross-sell other products and services through your In The Spotlight feature. Plus, your customers will appreciate the personalized service.