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Add Videos to Your Website

Given YouTube’s popularity, it’s safe to say, people love videos.

As a business owner, you can capitalize on this “love interest” by including videos on your website—and it’s not difficult to do. In fact, the benefits you’ll realize from using video far outweigh the time and effort it takes to add it to your site.

Videos give personality to your business. When a visitor goes to your site and sees you or your staff talking about your company, explaining a particular process or highlighting a special promotion, it gives them someone to relate with. This is called attraction marketing—it’s a form of online advertising that lets prospects get to know the person who is offering them something. Videos can make your business more personable.

People love to watch rather than read.
Let’s face it—video is interesting. You want to keep current and prospective buyers on your website for as long as possible and get them to come back as often as possible. Right? In order to do this, you have to keep it interesting. Video offers visitors a chance to interact on some level with another human being. In fact, people are more likely to watch a video clip (between one and three minutes) than they are to read an entire webpage, blog post or article.

Video sets you apart from your competitors. Do your competitors offer video on their websites? If not, incorporating video in your website design will set you apart. If they do use video, no problem. You can still set yourself apart with a little creativity. You can use a different style of video, or look for useful material that your competitors do not have.

Adding video helps with SEO. Video increases your search engine ranking. Search engines look for a variety of items when creating rankings, and one way to ensure that your website gets noticed by search engines is by adding a video. Things like pictures and videos add interest to web pages, and search engine rankings recognize this. In fact, Google actually indexes videos. Be sure to label your video with searchable tags and then enjoy the results from Google video indexing.

It is very easy to integrate video from both YouTube and Google because both sites provide you with all of the HTML code you need.

Let’s start with YouTube. When you watch any clip on YouTube’s site, there’s a small field to the right of the clip labeled “Embed.” Simply copy the code in that field and paste it into the text block on the page where you want to place the video. When this code is loaded, it will automatically pull in the clip from YouTube’s servers and create the player window. The user simply has to click on the “Play” button and the clip will begin streaming from YouTube’s servers.

Google Video works essentially the same way, but with a few more steps involved. With either Google or YouTube, integrating video takes just a matter of minutes. And the payback you’ll receive is worth the little time and effort it requires.