Questions? Call us. Sales: 877.447.8938 | Support: 877.447.8936

Questions? Call us. Sales: 877.447.8938 | Support: 877.447.8936

Make Your Website Your Own

The base site that you receive from Firespring gives you a dynamic and appealing online presence. But it’s really just the beginning. Think of it as a solid foundation that you can build upon. The best news is, it’s easy to make your site uniquely your own, and you don’t need a computer science degree to do it.

We’ve created your site to be flexible, adaptable and user-friendly, so it’s a no-brainer to go in and make simple, yet effective changes. Modifying your site will help you to engage with your clients and set you apart from your competition. In an increasingly competitive market, it’s essential that you stand out.

There are several ways you can personalize your site to reflect your business, but I believe some modifications make a bigger splash than others. A few months ago, I talked about five of my top ten edits. If you’re ready for more, here are five other effective modifications.

Add downloadable documents to your site. This could include your brochures, credit and employment applications, coupons and the like. Adding downloadable documents is a good idea for a few reasons. It gives visitors instant access to these documents and possibly saves them a trip across town. It also reduces your printing production cost. So, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Create a website contest to engage your customers. There’s no law against having a little fun when it comes to your marketing efforts. Engaging your customers in some friendly competition gives them a reason to visit your site more often, which increases top of mind awareness (TOMA) of your products and services. And, of course, increased TOMA can lead to an increase in sales, which is the ultimate goal.

Add a blog to the News Center. A blog is a great way to foster customer relationships, plus it keeps your site looking fresh and increases SEO (search engine optimization). Your purpose in a blog is not to sell; it’s to converse with your visitors. You can share your expertise, talk about trends in the print industry, offer tips to print buyers or discuss new equipment—just keep it real and conversational.

Use the online proofing tool. You can use the online proofing tool to send files up to one gig to your customers. This saves time and makes it convenient for both you and them to view proofs. Also, make sure you add a marketing message to your online proof form to maximize the effectiveness of this tool. Oftentimes, your customers don’t realize they need something that you offer until you suggest it.

Toot your own horn. “Show and tell” whenever you can—add industry awards to your site, write about your business accomplishments, show off award-winning projects. This differentiates you from the competition, gives customers and prospects a reason to trust you and places you a cut above the rest. Don’t be shy to say you’re the best.